Vicki Edgson's Vital Energy Retreat, Ibiza - Rebecca Barnes
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Vicki Edgson's Vital Energy Retreat, Ibiza

Vicki Edgson's Vital Energy Retreat, Ibiza

Sorry for not posting recently, I’ve been hiding away in beautiful Ibiza on a ‘Vital Energy’ retreat run by the nutritionist Vicki Edgson.

This really has been a life-changing week – not only has the weather been fabulous, but it’s a real treat to be able to really relax (hence the lack of posting).

I’ve also been inspired by Vicki’s well thought-out itinerary, from healthy eating to sound healing (an amazing and spiritual experience) and exercises that give you strength and energy. Here’s the view from the yoga platform – simply breathtaking:

Santa Eulalia del Río-20130621-01347 (1)

I’ll post some more on this in a couple of days, but just wanted to check in.


Rebecca Barnes
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