Tried and tested: BaByliss for Men Super Crew Cut

Tried and tested: BaByliss for Men Super Crew Cut

Hello boys! Something for you this time (or anyone looking for a gift for the man in their life) – the new BaByliss for Men Super Crew Cut (£45), a lithium powered clipper that gives a short, even haircut.

Of course I wasn’t able to test it, so I enlisted the help of my partner David to road test this new gadget, and with very short hair he was actually the ideal candidate.

Inside the box you actually get two cutting tools – the clipper and a finishing trimmer which is for tidying up around the ears, neck line and sideburns. There’s also a storage pouch, a cleaning brush and oil.

Before we get into the performance, here are a few of the key features:

  • It can be used with a mains power cord or cordless
  • Lithium-ion technology for sustained power performance
  • Advanced rotary cutting action which cuts in any direction
  • Rapid charging system, giving 3 hours full charge for 60 mins use or 30 minute quick charge for 15 mins use
  • Precision blade technology – hardened Japanese steel blades with an ultra sharp cutting angle
  • Powerful cutting to maintain a short, even cut for professional results (cutting grades 1-4)

Now I don’t have that much experience with men’s clippers, but from what I know, this is unlike any other you’ve seen before – the design is pretty futuristic looking, as you can see:

B for men 3

B for men 2

B for men 1

The quality of the clipper is good, it feels weighty and robust, however the trimmer feels quite light and not so well made.

But how do they perform? I’m now going to hand over to David who will give you the low-down:

“The clipper has a great build and design, it looks very smart. It does not seem to cope too well with long hair or hair that is lying flat which my hair tends to do – for someone with thicker, more ‘sticky-up’ hair, this would probably do a very good job. But once hair is short it is excellent, it’s quick and easy to pick up and use with no fuss as you don’t need to be looking in the mirror. It also copes well with tricky areas such as the crown.  The battery-operated trimmer unfortunately is quite noisy and snagged on my hair a bit. All in all, a great gadget when used regularly and that’s the beauty of it, it’s just so easy to use – simply run it over your head for 2 minutes a couple of times a week while you brush your teeth!”

So there you have it! Buy BaByliss Super Crew Cut from Boots.

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