The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, day 3

The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, day 3

Today has been another fact-packed and inspiring day. While of course lots of emphasis continues to be placed on the benefits of a raw diet, we also learnt that the raw lifestyle isn’t just about food, it also encompasses how you ‘feed’ your skin.

As you are probably aware, many commercial beauty products contain ingredients that have been found to be harmful to our health. But did you know that, according to biochemist Richard Bence, who has spent years researching chemicals in skincare, you actually absorb 5lbs of chemicals every year from skincare and cosmetic products?

The whole issue of certain ingredients being harmful and even carcinogenic is a hugely debated and controversial area, but the point is, if you choose to live a truly natural, raw or organic lifestyle, you may also want to review what you’re putting on your skin.

So this evening, our talented Raw Lifestyle Coach Natalie showed us how to make a mint chocolate body scrub using a handful of widely available ingredients, including coconut butter, almond oil, raw cacao powder and peppermint tea bags.

According to Natalie, making your own skincare has lots of advantages, including the fact that you know exactly what it’s made of, the knowledge that it hasn’t been tested on animals, and of course, the cost factor as it’s almost guaranteed to save you money.

The workshop was interactive and fun, and we all had a ball! This is what the finished result looked like – almost good enough to eat:


A few of us were also inspired to make more homemade beauty products once we returned back to our normal lives.

Rebecca Barnes
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