The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, Day 2

The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, Day 2

Inspired and motivated is the way I’m feeling right now. Inspired because I’m discovering that the raw food lifestyle is fascinating and diverse, and motivated because I’m also learning that it’s well within my reach to start incorporating more raw food into my diet.

An early morning yoga session was followed by blending and enjoying a filling breakfast smoothie in the form of the Alligator Smoothie. But don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this drink, which gets its name from its colour, which in turn comes from spinach, one of the ingredients (it also contains mangoes, nectarines, bananas, lime, dates and spirulina):


Then came a raw food demo in which we learned how to make (and taste) various recipes, including deliciously rich but outrageously healthy sugar and dairy-free brownies made with cacao powder, agave, walnuts, pecans and dates.

I’m still not feeling great today but I reckon this is a pretty good place to be to wage war on my throat virus. Plus, I’m sure that all the healthy, organic goodness flooding my body will create an environment that will force those pesky germs to retreat quick-smart.

Following a chilled afternoon, we tucked into a dinner of mini nut burgers served with raw ketchup, lettuce leaves, olives, gherkins, red onion and tomato slices:


The evening’s entertainment included a relaxing meditation session where we practised pranayama breath control, a technique which is both calming and invigorating.

Then we settled down in front of an excellent DVD called Food Matters, You are what you Eat. Everyone should see this thought-provoking docu-film, which demonstrates how we are harming our bodies with improper nutrition, and how the right foods and supplements can be used to help with chronic illness, including cancer. One interesting snippet I gleaned from the film – apparently, two handfuls of cashew nuts is the equivalent to a dose of Prozac.

Find out more about this eye-opening documentary by visiting Watch and learn…

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