Rodial Super Fit – targeted body solutions

Rodial Super Fit – targeted body solutions

Often the new year brings with it health and beauty resolutions, as we aim to erase bad habits and promote better fitness and well-being.

So what better from a body perspective, than a range that targets specific body areas to tone and improve – without a knife or scalpel in sight?

Step forward Rodial Super Fit, four existing best-selling products that target arms, tummy, boobs and all over sculpting. I’ve not tried that many Rodial products in the past, but do love their Glam Balm so am really interested in giving one or two of these a try and will post separate reviews when I have done so.


What I can tell you is that the formulations have a gel-like consistency which is easily absorbed into the skin, and they smell fresh and reviving so would be perfect for applying after your morning shower or following a workout.

The range includes Super Fit Sculpting Gel (£55) which works on fatty deposits and water retention, Super Fit Boob Job (£65), which can increase bust size but half a cup, Super Fit Tummy Tuck (£65), which can help to reduce the abdominal area by up to an inch in just eight weeks) and Super Fit Arm Sculpt (£50), which sculpts and smoothes the upper arms and is also scientifically formulated to reduce the appearance of those red bumps, otherwise known as hyperkeratosis.

The fifth product in the range is the new Turbo Shots (£48) – a natural energy boosting drink that can increase your energy levels during the day and also before you exercise, helping you to burn more calories.

The Super Fit range launches in 2014.

Rebecca Barnes
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