RMK Extra Deep W Mascara

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara

If you like your lashes long, read on… RMK Extra Deep W Mascara, £25, is not new but I’ve recently discovered its lengthening power and am impressed.

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The slim, double-ended mascara contains a water-resistant curl-fixing mascara at one end (bottom pic), and a black fibrous base coat (pic below) at the other end – lash afficionados will know that fibres are a good alternative to eyelash extensions if you can’t commit to their upkeep, but like the effect they give.

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It works by enveloping the fibrous base coat between the layers of colour coat. To use, apply a coat of mascara, then apply the fibrous base two or three times on top of the mascara to build volume and length. Finish by setting the fibres with another coat of mascara and you’re done.

One of the things I love the most is the small wand which is great for doing your bottom lashes with, and I don’t need to do my top lashes at the moment as I have lash extensions.

Obviously I haven’t used the fibres, but the mascara coats the lashes without clumping or smudging at all and instantly makes them look much longer, even without the fibres.

I’m almost tempted to ditch my extensions so I can give this a proper try!

RMK Extra Deep W Mascara is available from Selfridges and www.selfridges.com

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