Pure Gold Collagen: the results

Pure Gold Collagen: the results

Now I’ve finished my last bottle of Pure Gold Collagen, I thought I’d check in and summarise how I think the month’s trial has worked for me.

Regular readers will know that I was pretty impressed after just a week of using this oral skin supplement, and a month later I’m pleased to say that I’m very happy with the results.

Gold Collagen

So, let’s get down to business! My findings are as follows:

  • The skin around my eyes is noticeably more hydrated and concealer glides on smoothly and evenly
  • My facial skin is definitely more hydrated – I have no noticeably flaky patches, apart from a little flakiness on my forehead which always seems to be the most dehydrated area for me
  • My skin’s condition overall seems more ‘normal’, with hardly any blemishes and a more even tone – dare I say it, it even appears less sensitive. I can now get away with not using any concealer (except under my eyes) once I’ve applied my base
  • From an anti-ageing perspective I can see no real difference, however I am lucky that I have very few wrinkles for my age.

Now I’ve finished taking Pure Gold Collagen, it will be interesting to see how long my skin stays looking good for. Very tempted to re-stock though!

For more information including stockist info, read my original blog post here

Rebecca Barnes
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