NEW Estelle & Thild Violet Body Range

NEW Estelle & Thild Violet Body Range

This is such a pretty-looking threesome – and the products aren’t bad either! The new Estelle & Thild Body Sculpting Series is what you need for fighting cellulite and honing those womanly curves.

Estelle & Thild hails from Sweden and is certified by Ecocert, which stipulates that products much meet a number of strict criteria – at least 95% of the total content must be of natural origin, and at least 95% of the plant ingredients must be certified organic.

These new products offer a three-pronged attack on bumpy bits: exfoliate, drain and tone. Start by exfoliating with Body Scrub Violet (£25), then apply Slimming Oil Violet (£35), followed by Firming Lotion Violet (£33).


Active ingredients include organic green coffee beans which help drain and prevent fluid buildup, organic green tea which is known for its metabolism boosting qualities, organic wheatgerm oil which is great for toning and strengthening, and organic argan oil, for silky-smooth skin.

I’ve been using the Slimming Oil for a few days now and I love the texture and the subtle scent which is not at all overpowering. It’s a pleasure to use and I will keep going until it’s gone!

Estelle & Thild is available nationwide from mid-July from

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Rebecca Barnes
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