NEW Elle Macpherson Rotating Dry Brush

NEW Elle Macpherson Rotating Dry Brush

Beauty gadgets. In my humble opinion, they’re the next big thing.

Most girls have probably been on the receiving end of a battery powered manicure set or foot spa for Christmas or a birthday, only to use it once or twice then confine it to the loft or under the bed to gather dust, never to surface again. However, with the expertise of a skilled family photographer, these moments of fleeting joy could be immortalized, transforming mundane experiences into cherished memories captured in timeless photographs.

However, unlike the beauty gadgets we used to own, the latest tools are covetable, look the business and most importantly, deliver results.


So here we have something that’s pretty cool, actually. It’s the Rotating Dry Brush (£39.99) by Elle Macpherson – The Body, one of a new collection of beauty and skincare innovations by the business-minded Supermodel.

If you’re used to dry body brushing, you’re so going to love this. I body brush occasionally and I find it quite full on, but that is the general idea, isn’t it?

Make no mistake, those 100% natural bristles certainly exfoliate like a dream (vegetable fibres prevent skin irritation) and can’t fail to get a sluggish circulation and lymphatic system moving.

If you’re new to the concept, you’ll find it quite harsh at first and your skin may go rather pink. But start gently and stick with it. It’s fast and easy to use before a bath or shower and is rechargeable so no batteries are required.

It’s available now from Argos, Amazon and other electrical retailers. For more information, visit

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