NEW Ciate Caviar Luxe Manicure

NEW Ciate Caviar Luxe Manicure

One of the best things about being a beauty writer and blogger is that sometimes it’s a whole lot of fun, and I’ve been having a play this afternoon with Ciate’s new manicure, Caviar Luxe (£25).

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If you’re into statement nail art you will love this -plus, gold is sooo on-trend this season.

It’s actually pretty easy to do, and doesn’t take much longer than a normal manicure/nail paint. Mess is minimal as you use the box the manicure comes in to catch the pearls.

So let me take you through the steps to demonstrate how simple it is:

  • Apply a coat of the Ciate Paint Pot polish to each nail and leave to dry
  • Working on one nail at a time, apply a second coat of polish then sprinkle the pearls over the nail you have just painted, ensuring it is still wet. Place your finger over the box to catch the pearls
  • Once fully covered, gently press and compact the pearls into your nail bed to ensure durability
  • Place the mini funnel into the Caviar Pearls bottle to pour the pearls back into the bottle
  • Once finished, leave nails to dry for 15-20 minutes – this is essential as I was typing while they were drying and some of the pearls came off (see top tip below).

Top tip: Don’t do this anywhere near your laptop because the pearls have a habit of disappearing down the keys – probably not the best for PC maintenance!

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Hope you like the result, it’s quite hard to photograph to best effect but definitely has a luxury, metallic feel that would be ideal for Christmas parties.

I also did it quite quickly which is why there are a couple of gaps where I’ve not applied enough pearls – just a bit more time and attention would sort that out!

Caviar Luxe Manicure is available in three shades – Gleam (white gold), Lustre (yellow gold and the one I tested) and Smoulder (rose gold). It’s available now from Selfridges.

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