NEW Carnation Anti-Blister Stick

NEW Carnation Anti-Blister Stick

When did you last put your feet first? According to a recent survey,* us women are quite the masochists when it comes to putting up with painful shoes.

The survey revealed that 78% of women would wear heels more often if they weren’t so painful, while 69% of women own shoes that they only wear on special occasions as they hurt too much.

A sucker for great footwear, I’m the perfect case study for this post. A couple of days ago and with an invite to a beauty industry awards ceremony, I needed to find some shoes to go with my chosen outfit.

I settled on some nude suede platform sandals by Reiss, although I very nearly changed my mind as 1. this would be their first outing, and 2. they were a (large) size 5 when I normally take a 5.5 or 6.

Hmmm. Style-wise they were perfect, but I was worried about the comfort factor, especially as I had a meeting in town beforehand so would be doing a fair amount of walking. One shoe seemed fine, however the other seemed a little tighter and I just knew it would rub and cause a blister or two.

photo (2)

And then I remembered the Carnation Anti-Blister Stick (£4.08). No harm in giving it a whirl, I thought. So I quickly applied the non-greasy stick to the most uncomfortable areas and slipped my shoes back on.

Wasn’t expecting much but wow, it worked an absolute treat! Despite a bit of unavoidable friction and the usual achy feet caused by standing up in heels for a few hours, I had no blisters whatsoever. My shoes were unmarked too.

This little miracle worker is going to be living in my bag over the crazy festive period. An absolute Christmas party essential. Buy it now – your feet will love you forever!

Available from and independent pharmacies or call 0121 544 7117.

*survey by Carnation footcare

*PR sample

Rebecca Barnes
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