My quest for the 'Now Brow'

My quest for the 'Now Brow'

I had a ‘Brow Resurrection’ at Browhaus in Covent Garden last month – this is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement treatment that actually mimics strands of brow hair so you get a totally realistic, almost 3D result.


Having tried semi-permanent makeup on my fair eyebrows a few years ago which had hurt like hell, I was more than curious to see how the treatment and technology had moved on since then.

I’m happy to report that the process was a lot less painful and I was pretty pleased with the results, although the mid-brown shade I initially chose faded a bit too much for my liking – some fading is normal as the brows go through their healing phase after treatment (approximately 2 weeks), but I played a bit too safe initially as I wanted them to look natural and not too dark for my fair colouring.

Luckily, with every Brow Resurrection you get a ‘tune-up’ appointment a month after your first one, so any adjustment  to the look or colour can be made then. I went a few shades darker while my brow architect Priya also redefined the inner and outer corners which had lost some definition.

Stupidly I attended my second appointment with a hangover which I wouldn’t recommend as it did seem to hurt a little more, especially as Priya went a little deeper in order that the colour would (hopefully) stick around for longer – but if you’ve got a low pain threshold or are a bit of a wimp you can always ask for more numbing cream.

I’m really happy with the result second time round, although they still have to go through the fading and healing phase. I will try and take a decent pic so you can see them.

A Brow Resurrection costs from £450 – not cheap but it will last you around 2 years, so no more brow makeup or tinting! Call 020 7240 8408 or visit

PS: If you have any questions on semi-permanent makeup I’m happy to try and answer them, as I recently wrote an article on the subject for a well-known website.

Photo: courtesy of Browhaus

Rebecca Barnes
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