Kiss Nail Wraps

Kiss Nail Wraps

I’ve been Gelished, Shellac’ed and even stippled, but I’ve never tried nail wraps before. With a ‘not New Year’s Eve’ party to go to next Monday, I so wanted to love Kiss Nail Wraps (£5.98) as I totally adore the design, but they just didn’t work for me.

Now that’s not to say they won’t work for you, it’s just that my nails aren’t particularly flat, so I had problems with the wraps sitting smoothly. If your nail surface is flatter than mine I am sure you will be fine, so give them a try.

photo (3)

They’re pretty easy to apply – simply select the size that fits your nail. There are 18 wraps in a pack so there’s a bit of room for error. Smooth away from the centre then file the excess, of which there is quite a lot of even if you have long nails, so have a pair of nail scissors to hand.

The wraps are said to last for up to 10 days and removal is easy (just peel them off), and should not damage your nails.

The small file which is included in the pack is pretty good and that part was fairly easy, but no matter how much I smoothed the wraps out, they wouldn’t lie flat. Call me fussy/pedantic/a perfectionist if you like but let’s face it, these are going to catch people’s eye, so you want them to be perfect.

Anyway, I’ll let you judge for yourself – by the way, this design is called Mini:

photo (2)

Kiss Nail Wraps are available from Asda.

Rebecca Barnes
  • touchscreensbeautyqueens
    Posted at 22:40h, 28 December Reply

    When I’ve used nail wraps I’ve made a tiny cut on each side on the bottom so that they can sit flatter as they sit at basically a slight angle and then used a nail pen in the same colour to just lightly go around the cuticle, makes it seem more like nail art than a nail pen 🙂

    • rebeccab
      Posted at 12:59h, 30 December Reply

      Thanks for the tip! x

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