Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes

Whether you’re a model racing between runway shows, a stage performer or a festival goer, cleansing wipes are likely to be your best friend.

I’m not an advocate of using cleansing wipes on a regular basis in place of a good skin care regime, but they do have their place in certain situations. And the only ones I’d even consider using when needs must are Heaven’s Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes (£7.30 for 30).

Bigger and thicker than standard wipes, measuring 7×8 inches, they are made out of organic natural cotton so are certified by the Soil Association.

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And unlike other wipes which only cleanse, these cleanse, tone and moisturise – this is down to some key organic skincare ingredients including apple pectin which works to dissolve and exfoliate skin cells, giving a deeper clean. 

There’s also healing honey, plus peppermint which is the main scent you get when you’re using them, and helps to balance oily areas and keep spots at bay.

Oh, and they’re also chlorine, paraben and fragrance free, with no artificial colours.

As they’re so zingy, I also use them to freshen up when I’m on a journey or in-between beach and bar when on holiday.

And if you’re curious to know who Ella Jane is, she’s the teenage daughter of renowned skincare specialist and therapist, Deborah Mitchell, who came up with the idea to include wipes in Deborah’s existing skincare range in the first place.

Buy Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Ella Jane Celebrity Skin Wipes online at www.heavenskincare.com

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