Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection

Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection

The trend for beauty products that do more than one thing shows no sign of slowing down, and while hair perfume isn’t a new idea, what I like about Hairy Jayne’s is that it isn’t purely limited to fragrancing your hair. So if you are a slave to the straightening irons or curling wand, read on!

Along with its pretty packaging and travel-friendly size, Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection (£9) is a true multi-purpose product with the added benefit of a wonderful fragrance made with essential oils.

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It adds shine, controls fly-aways and frizz, peps up hair in-between washes, and guards against potential damage from heated styling tools.

There are three subtle scents to choose from – my favourite Floral which blends geranium, bergamot and vanilla – plus Citrus and Musk.

Use on freshly washed locks as a perfume, before blow-drying or on dry hair before you style with heated appliances, to act as a protective barrier between the heat and your hair.

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