Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

Developed by leading US dermatologist and medical expert, David Colbert, Colbert MD is a results-driven skincare range that helps fight inflammation, slows ageing and restores the skins’ radiance, clarity and tone.

Each of the seven products contains ‘QuSome’ technology, which is said to transform skin by releasing active nutrients to the topical level, while delivering active ingredients straight to the dermis.

My skin may be sensitive, but it does like a good polish every now and then. Intensify Facial Discs (£52 for 20 discs) work like gentle microdermabrasion, assisting the skins’ natural repair process by removing dead cells and encouraging luminosity.

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Along with lactic acid (a gentle natural exfoliant) and glucosamine, they contain bromelain, a concentrated form of pineapple enzyme that whisks away dullness, dryness and toxins.

On the subject of sensitivity, enzyme-based exfoliants are often a gentler option for delicate skin than abrasive scrubs (use with extreme caution if you are ultra-sensitive though).

My forehead is a little dehydrated at the moment so I thought I’d start there. I’ve just used one disc (on my forehead only) so far, but the results were pretty good with no adverse reaction, so I will definitely work on my entire face next week.

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As with other products containing active ingredients you can feel this working – there’s a slight tingle – so if you do have especially sensitive skin, I recommend maybe trying on a smallish area of skin first, as I did.

They are a cinch to use – apply to damp skin in a gentle, circular motion for 30 to 60 seconds (I opted for 30 seconds). Then rinse immediately with water.

I followed the instructions carefully and my skin was instantly smoother and clearer, with any flakiness diminished. My make-up also applied smoothly the next day.

With flawless, luminous skin set to be a hot spring trend, these little discs certainly pack a punch and will be a good investment if you, too, want to join the glow gang.

Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs are available exclusively at Space NK.

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