Clayspray Brightening White Clay Masque with Ginseng

Clayspray Brightening White Clay Masque with Ginseng

It’s definitely been a week of interesting product ingredients, and here’s something quite unique which I unearthed (excuse the pun) recently – a clay masque in a spray format.

The Clayspray range launched a few months ago and is the world’s first clay emulsion in a spray. There are 10 products for face, body and hair, plus a mineral water spray which is designed to be used in conjunction with the masks.

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This Spanish brand fuses the purest red and white clay (found in the North-Eastern Iberian peninsula) with natural ingredients such as ginseng.

The red clays help eliminate sebum, activate the circulation and encourage healing, while the exfoliating white clays possess moisturising and anti-ageing benefits.

Depending on which one you use, the masks are also said to deep cleanse, refine pores, tone, remove impurities and toxins, balance the skin’s flora and regenerate the cells.

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Warning! Upon first use be very careful as the can is highly pressurised – I sprayed it and it went everywhere, and I mean everywhere (carpet, mirror, bed etc). When you first use this product, spray it over the sink!

I didn’t moisten my skin with the Clayspray H2O mineral water beforehand either which is recommended, I think you could use another mineral water spray or even tap water if you have to, which is what I did.

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The clay takes about 10 minutes to dry, then you simply wash it off with warm water. I’ve only tried it on my hand so far and have to say that the skin did look brighter and more refined afterwards.

This particular variant is suitable for normal/combination skin types so may be a bit drying for my facial skin which will become increasingly dehydrated as the weather turns colder. Nevertheless, I think I will give it a go as my hand does look good!

Each Clayspray Clay Masque costs £44.50 (125ml) and the H2O Spray costs £17.50 (125ml). Available from or

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