Push Makeup Brows Be Wow Eyebrow Gel

Push Makeup Brows Be Wow Eyebrow Gel

As a blonde, I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy products that naturally define my eyebrows, and when I first saw Brows Be Wow Eyebrow Gel in 2 Blondie (£13) I was a little sceptical as it looked bronze – and I wasn’t down with having metallic brows!

But the colour in the tube is definitely deceiving, as when you apply it there is actually no trace of metallic; the resulting shade is medium brown and it works really well to define and shape eyebrows.


If your eyebrows are fair I would recommend using a light hand at first to determine how much colour your brows can take. But if you’re going out, you can build it up to give a stronger, more defined look.It lasts, too.

A must-have for fellow blondes!

Brows Be Wow Eyebrow Gel is available in two shades – Blondie and Brunette – from www.push-makeup.com.


Rebecca Barnes
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