Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Pedicure

Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Pedicure

Impress Press-On Pedicure has been around a while but I’m not really one for stick-on nails, probably because I don’t need them, so they’ve not been on my radar.

However, when it comes to my toenails I find painting them a bit of a rigmarole and rarely have time for a pedicure, especially when it’s freezing cold outside and you need to wear flip-flops afterwards to make sure they dry properly.

And if you’ve ever had a salon pedicure then smudged it on the way home due to putting on your shoes or boots too quickly, you’ll know what I am talking about.

So when these landed on my desk, I couldn’t resist giving them a try. Obviously, they won’t work for everyone as toenail shapes and lengths tend to vary so much, but the pack contains 24 toenail covers so you have a good chance of success.

photo (48)

The colour I tried is called iCandy, it looks really natural and I had no problems with finding the right fit for all but my big toes which have more of a curved shape than most people’s – the bottom part (nearest the cuticle) refused to sit flat on the nail bed which you can just see in the picture below.

Application is very easy and the smaller nails have a handy little tab which helps with alignment and breaks off cleanly, although a couple broke off before I’d even got them near my toes.

First you prep your nails with the enclosed prep pad, then peel off the backing and stick to your nail, pressing down firmly. If I was to use them again, I would also trim my nails first as I found some of them a little short.

The whole process is quick and fuss-free and the final result is very realistic:

photo (49)

It’s recommended that you wear them for no longer than a week which is what I did – I loved having perfectly pedicured feet and was tempted to wear them for longer. 

They felt comfortable, secure and none fell off, despite having regular baths and wearing various shoes and boots. 

When it was time to remove them, they peeled off with ease. If I didn’t have such curved big toes I would definitely use these again as they would be perfect for so many occasions. Gutted!

Impress Press-On Pedicure costs around £7 and is available from Boots and Superdrug.

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