A magical hair moment

A magical hair moment

Keeping hair under control can be a battle for many of us at any time of the year, never mind when it’s arctic outside.

I seem to be losing more hair than usual at the moment which I’m not too bothered about as I have plenty anyway – I spoke to my hairdresser about this, and apparently it is common to shed more strands when the weather changes (just like animals!).

Other than that my main bugbear right now is flyaways – normally my hair is pretty well behaved, except for the occasional ‘fluffiness’ when I’ve just washed it, always minimised by my trusty Alterna shampoo and conditioner!

Argan Secret Magic 3

So what could Argan Secret Magic 3 (£15.95, 60ml) do for my locks? Argan oil is perhaps the hottest, most talked about ingredient in beauty as I write, so I was keen to find out.

I pumped the recommended 3 squirts of the product into my hand and initially though that that this might not be enough, as it is very light and my medium-textured coloured hair is currently mid-back length. It was absorbed in a flash and I was almost tempted to apply more.

I need to also mention the amazing smell. MMMM. It’s just like vanilla ice cream, and I LOVE vanilla ice cream, it’s so warm and inviting…

But staying focused (!), despite my reservations about the amount of product, this did exactly what it says on the tin, my hair was smooth, controlled with no flyaways and felt great.

The claim is that your hair stays ‘just blow-dried’ for three days; I’m now on day three and my hair is still looking good, but I’d be really interested to see the results on locks that are more damaged than mine.

I didn’t do this but according to the blurb, you can maximise the effects of this product by using straightening irons to ‘lock’ it into the surface of your hair.

Models with straight hair were heavily featured at the spring/summer 2014 fashion shows, so if you want to get next season’s key look, this would be a great buy to use in conjunction with your irons.

Buy Argan Secret Magic 3 from www.sallyexpress.com

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