Poutylipzz: a fuller pout without the pain

Poutylipzz: a fuller pout without the pain

Lately it’s been all about the quick-fix beauty tricks – the items that make a noticeable difference without having to resort to pricey salon treatments or procedures.

Unless you’ve been underground for the past few weeks, you won’t have failed to notice the column inches secured by a certain celebrity and her enlarged lips.

At first, said celeb said that it was all down to the skills of her make-up artist (some skills!), but now she’s admitted to using fillers and I personally am thankful that she has, because what some girls have been reported doing to emulate the look is quite frankly scary!

But now there’s an easier way to get a plumper pout, and it doesn’t involve a needle or, god forbid, a cup – hello Pouty Lipzz.


I’ve tried similar products in the past but this is the one that’s gone into my make-up bag. Pouty Lipzz (£19.99) is a lip plumping gloss/serum that’s formulated with ingredients proven to enhance lip volume by up to 40% after 3 applications a day for 29 days.

The clear gloss tastes like peppermint and a few seconds after application your lips start to feel pleasantly fresh and cool – I wouldn’t call it a ‘tingle’ as some people do, more like the way your mouth feels when you’ve just had an extra strong mint. This feeling lasts for about 20 minutes.

It also seems to do a pretty good job of moisturising the lips and stays put for some time, too – I have worn it to the gym and it’s almost lasted through a workout. It also makes my lips look redder, presumably as blood rushes to the surface.

But does it really work to make lips fuller? I’ve been using it at least once a day for around a month now and I think it definitely does have a temporary effect, although perhaps not as much as 40%. Check out my before and after pics below:

Pouty lipzz before Pouty Lipzz after

Pouty Lipzz is available from Sally Salon Services or from www.poutylipzz.co.uk

*PR sample

Rebecca Barnes
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