The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, day 4

The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, day 4

Today, I woke up feeling a lot clearer-headed than of late, although my energy levels had plummeted. According to Natalie this was probably down to the fact that, apart from being more relaxed, my body was now in detox mode.

Having been to a similar retreat once before, this jelly-like feeling was not entirely new to me, but it’s still a weird feeling when you’re used to running on adrenaline all the time.

While the other ladies were staying on till tomorrow, my time to leave had arrived as I had to be back in London due to work committments. But there was still time to fit in a final raw lunch, with a fabulously rich chocolate tart for dessert – who knew that raw food could be so divinely decadent?


Despite my jelly legs I was quite sad to leave the womb-like safety of the barn, not to mention the wonderful, inspirational ladies I had been living with for the past few days.

So what did I learn from my time at the Raw Lifestyle Retreat? It may sound a bit of a cliche, but I can’t begin to tell you how fascinating and potentially even life-changing it has been.

On a personal level, three days without a scrap of refined sugar showed me that I really don’t need it in my life, so I’m going to make a real effort to try and cut it out. I’m sure this won’t happen overnight, but baby steps and all that.

I’ve also been inspired to include way more raw food in my diet and am also on a mission to buy a decent juicer and food processor.

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Rebecca Barnes
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