The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, Day 1 - Rebecca Barnes
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The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, Day 1

The Raw Lifestyle Retreat, Day 1

Woke up this morning feeling awful, a bit like I’d swallowed a pack of razorblades, so really wasn’t sure whether it was my good or bad fortune to be heading for a barn conversion in West Sussex for a few days of raw food, detox and yoga.

Put it this way, I certainly didn’t feel up to the 2.5 hour journey, but having settled into this peaceful hub of calm and tranquility, I’m now glad I came. I even have my very own garden, er field, to gaze out upon:


The Raw Lifestyle Retreat focuses on eating delicious raw food, nutritional demos, yoga and meditation classes and workshops. There’s also plenty of time to chill out, explore the countryside if you so wish, or take a dip in the indoor pool.

There are four other ladies on the retreat, so dinner was the perfect way to get to know one another. After a ridiculously healthy raw pad Thai with almond satay sauce (below), followed by dairy free coconut ice cream with fresh mango, we all headed to the yoga room for yoga nidra, or ‘yogi sleep’ – this is basically a state of conscious deep sleep for relaxation and spiritual exploration.


Needless to say it was fabulous lying in corpse pose doing nothing for an hour (which felt like half an hour).

And with a herb tea by my side as I type, I’m about to take advantage of a relatively early night and pray that I wake up energised and bug-free. Fingers crossed…

Rebecca Barnes
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