Show your lips some love this winter

Show your lips some love this winter

Lips feeling flaky and parched? Yep, mine too. There’s lots of things you can do to alleviate chapped lips in winter, including using a humidifier in your home, drinking lots of water (a challenge when it’s cold, I know), and avoiding licking your delicate lips.

But above all you need a great lip balm, one that’s ideally packed with natural, organic ingredients and even more ideally, also gives a hint of colour. So with this in mind, take a look at Balance Me’s new Shine On Tinted Lip Salve (£12).


These three 100% natural tinted lip salves deliver glossy shine combined with a pop of colour and are also super-nourishing on your smackers.

They contain some great ingredients – cocoa, shea and mango seed butters, plus a bevvy of oils, including virgin coconut, rosehip and sweet almond.

I’ve been slathering Rose Blush onto my parched lips for a couple of days, and I love the way it makes them feel soothed and moisturised in an instant.

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The finish is very glossy but the colour is not quite as strong as I’d hoped – it looks punchier swatched on my hand – it gives just a hint of a tint, which enhances your lips’ natural colour.

A quick note about the flavour too, as it’s not hard to ingest any product that coats the lips. Happy to report that its delicate and therefore ideal for people who don’t like overpowering scents – Rose Blush (and Rose Red) is subtly citrussy, while Nude has a soft mint aroma.

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