NEW UltraSlim Pro at-home slimming technology

NEW UltraSlim Pro at-home slimming technology

The new Ultraslim Pro may not be the most affordable item I’ve written about but it’s a darn sight cheaper than the invasive alternative of going under the knife.

Featuring salon-grade technology, this ultrasonic machine uses low frequency ultrasound waves to slim your body shape and melt away inches in the privacy of your own home.

It’s meant to feel a bit like pins and needles as the fat cells are targeted by the treatment, so shouldn’t be at all painful.


According to the blurb, you’ll see visible results in just two weeks so long as you’re combining it with a healthy diet and an equally healthy dose of exercise (hey no pain, no gain!). You can use it on thighs, belly, buttocks, hips or upper arms.

After treatment, it’s recommended that you slap on your usual slimming or contouring cream as skin will be more receptive, and take 20-30 minutes of light exercise, to help your lymphatic system drain and¬†flush out toxins.

So what’s the damage? Considering liposuction costs a good few thousand, this is much cheaper at ¬£999.99. Plus, you avoid the downtime and risks associated with surgery.

Find it at Amazon, Argos and Boots now, as well as

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