Halloween gel nails

Halloween gel nails

I’ve got a big Halloween party to go to tomorrow night, and as the attendees are some of London’s most extravagant dressers, I wanted my nails to be talking-point fabulous.

However, my normally healthy talons have been splitting more than usual recently, so I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull off my plan – I was, in fact contemplating cheating with stick-on versions.

But I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out so thought I’d share them with you, too – the look is courtesy of talented celebrity nail tech Carly Marsden who works for Bio Sculpture.

photo (1) photo

I am a big fan of Bio Sculpture gel polish, it lasts and stays looking flawless for longer than two weeks, cares for your nails while you’re wearing it and the colour selection is unbeatable.

The theme of the party is ‘Glamour Goth’ and my outfit will obviously involve black with perhaps some purple, so I knew I definitely wanted a dark shade, perhaps with glitter on top – which is basically what I’ve ended up with.

Before I got to my appointment, I had it in my head that I would probably go for silver glitter, but in the end decided on pink/lilac which really stands out against the black polish.

I’ve tried to photograph them as best I can, I couldn’t stop looking at them while I was on the tube home as they looked extra sparkly – something about the light down there – so did a quick snap while I was waiting for the lift!

What do you think of my Halloween nails?

For more on Carly, check out her Twitter, @carlybownails; for more on Bio Sculpure, visit www.biosculpture.co.uk




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