Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo

Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo

Okay, so the name may be a bit of a mouthful, but if you look beyond that and the slightly dated packaging, the product is not bad at all!

Whether you’re a dry shampoo devotee or not, stay with me as The Silky 7-In-1 Dry Shampoo (£2.66) from the newish Ultimate Blends haircare range, is not like any other dry shampoo.

For starters, it’s suitable for use on every hair colour – yes even you brunettes – as the main USP is that there’s no visible residue left in the hair after use.


Along with the ‘invisible’ formula and being designed for use on mid to long hair, the other six actions are as follows:

  • Instantly cleanse
  • Absorbs grease at the roots
  • Lightweight feel
  • Hair feels supple to the touch
  • Hair is easy to detangle
  • Blissful fragrance (the brand’s words, not mine)

The fragrance is like expensive Italian ice cream – it’s a rich, creamy and (some may say sickly) sweet vanilla milk scent which you will either love or hate. I personally love it.

As some readers may know, I’m a huge fan and regular user of dry shampoo because I only wash my hair once a week and usually need to give my fringe a boost a few days after washing..

Although I’m blonde, I was keen to see exactly how this stacked up against other brands, and I’m pleased to report that it worked pretty well; I couldn’t see it in my hair, even after double-checking in front of the window.

I can’t comment on all the other actions as I only used it in my fringe, but the scent lingered all day long, and some people may not like or want to smell like an ice cream parlour when sitting in the office or on the daily commute.

To summarize, I was impressed with this product’s performance and I’d definitely use it again.

*PR sample




Rebecca Barnes
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