Fancy a fully-clothed massage?

Fancy a fully-clothed massage?

This month’s prize for wackiest beauty treatment goes to The Ballancer, a compression therapy and massage machine that stimulates the lymphatic system (which is responsible for removing toxins from the body) and is very relaxing.

You start by slipping into what can best be described as high-waisted inflatable pants – while this may look rather comical, the treatment is in fact excellent for firming and toning, alleviating ‘heavy legs’ caused by a long-haul flight or extended periods being on your feet, and fluid retention, which is caused by a sluggish lymphatic system.


By the way, this supplied photo is for illustration purposes only, and it’s not of me.

As you lie there, The Ballancer starts compressing and massaging, revving up your circulation and lymphatic system. Originally used for medical purposes, it encourages the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin and can also be beneficial for those with digestive problems, as it relaxes the abdominal muscles.

Apparently, with regular treatment, cellulite can also be prevented and even eliminated.

I experienced The Ballancer last week – I didn’t have much time but that wasn’t a problem as I jumped in wearing my trousers and socks. Afterwards, my legs felt lighter and I also noticed that the skin on my pins looked more even.

A good one to try before summer’s big reveal, or if you just want to try something a little bit different.

The Ballancer is available in spas and clinics nationwide; treatments start from around £40. Visit

Rebecca Barnes
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