Apivita Light Texture Tinted Face Cream – a ray of sunshine

Apivita Light Texture Tinted Face Cream – a ray of sunshine

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind 2 day trip to Ibiza, and my facial sun protection of choice was from the wonderful Greek brand Apivita, which is inspired by bees and uses pure bee products and organic essential oils in its skin and haircare.

I was initially attracted to Light Texture Tinted Face Cream SPF30 because it resembles a tinted moisturiser (and you may know I’m rather partial to a tinted moisturiser), but also because I’ve been looking for higher SPF’s for my face for the past couple of years, with the aim of to keeping those wrinkles at bay for just a little longer.


And oh boy did this deliver – it smoothes on beautifully, evening out your skintone and giving you a glow, while delivering that all-essential sun protection.

Containing 83% natural ingredients such as sea lavender and propolis, it’s also hypoallergenic and water resistant. I’ll be stockpiling this for my next UV onslaught, believe me.

Apivita is available from Marks & Spencer’s new and much improved beauty area, go check it out.

Rebecca Barnes
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