Alterna Caviar Repair X – because your hair is worth it

Alterna Caviar Repair X – because your hair is worth it

Can’t believe I haven’t done a hair related blog yet, so let’s put that right!

I am a huge fan of US range Alterna, and my hair loves it too. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am rather addicted to anything they do.


So I was rather excited when last November, they launched a new range called Caviar Repair X, which contains strand-building proteins and other effective ingredients including Omega-3 fatty acids.

Although I don’t have any major hair issues, my colour is ‘enhanced’ (but yes I am a natural blonde, thank you very much) and having used the shampoo and conditioner on a weekly basis since then, I’m pleased to report strong, healthy locks. Plus I think that my colour is lasting longer overall with no brassy tones in sight.

Alterna sits at the luxury end of the haircare market meaning it’s not cheap, but with most haircare you get what you pay for and this lasts – okay, so I only wash my hair once a week but I still have a third of a bottle of conditioner left since when I started using it 5 months ago!

So if you want to sort out your fried hair in time for summer, try it. You can buy Alterna products at the wonderful HOB Salons ( I look forward to hearing what you think.

Rebecca Barnes
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