Afternoon tea and treatments…

Afternoon tea and treatments…

I’m a big fan of spray tans for giving pasty skin some colour, especially when applied by someone who knows what they are doing. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that you’re likely to have to face your public looking rather grubby and smelling like a hob nob straight after one.

And have you ever had a facial that’s left you looking rather red and blotchy, despite the skill of the therapist? Well you’re not alone because so have I and it’s not a good look, especially in summer when you don’t have a scarf or a hood to hide behind.

While mobile beauty therapists are nothing particularly new, a handful of companies have taken the concept and turned at-home pampering into a luxury spa experience. How does having a top-end massage in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by scented candles and with your choice of music playing softly in the background grab you? Thought so.

The beauty of having a treatment at home is that you don’t have to face a single soul afterwards, and if you’re feeling completely zonked you can jump straight into bed. Bliss…

I recently had a massage courtesy of Caroline Carter, one of Urban Retreat at Home’s hand-picked therapists, and it was particularly good timing as that morning I’d woken up with a stiff and painful neck (occupational hazard).

As you may know, Urban Retreat’s flagship salon and spa is in Harrods, so they’re all about service and results, but I wasn’t expecting miracles as every therapist that has ever gone anywhere near my neck and shoulders picks up the tension and knots in my upper back.

We only had half an hour, but in that time Caroline managed to completely banish my aches and pains. A-maz-ing.


Not only do Urban Retreat’s therapists offer facials, body treatments, massage, waxing, manis/pedis, makeup, tanning and brows and lashes (phew), but you can also book them for pamper packages and parties.

They’ll turn up in their cute branded cars complete with welcome pack, fluffy gowns, slippers, scented tea and everything else required to turn your front room into spa heaven for an hour.

Prices are £95 per hour in Central London (Westminster/City of London/Kensington & Chelsea); £75 per hour in Greater London; £55 per hour for the rest of the UK. Minimum call out time is one hour but the therapist will stay for as long as required, in 15 minute blocks.

To book call 0844 793 8344 or visit

Photo: courtesy of Urban Retreat

Rebecca Barnes
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